This is your moment!

The stage is yours – at Career Calling Digital Days, we open up the virtual employer stage! All eyes are on you! 2,500+ students and graduates await your appearance!

Our packages offer a variety of touchpoints:

Company profile

Your company profile is the first touchpoint for interested students and graduates, and sets the course for further interactions. It contains your facts & figures, videos, jobs, 1-1 chats, and the virtual booth.

Virtual booth

Open door for interested students and graduates! The virtual booth is where attendees and employees from your company will meet on 21 and 22 October.


The TalentPool is at the heart of Career Calling Digital Days. With their online career profile, registered attendees provide insight into their education, work experience, and desired job.

The TalentPool turns recruiting into active candidate sourcing directly from your target group.


Many employers cover their annual hiring need for entry-level positions at Career Calling. Where else can you efficiently reach 2,500+ potential employees from all fields of study over the span of 2 days?

Insight session

40 minutes – the online stage is yours! Give students and graduates insight into your company in an interactive way. How you structure your insight session is up to you – whether it is a virtual tour, trainee talk, or a fireside chat with a CEO; with attendee participation or as a talk.

1-1 chat

On 21 + 22 October, 1-1 chats will allow you to conduct conversations online!

The online 1-1 chats enable you to have first individual conversations. Start a chat yourself by reaching out to attendees from the TalentPool. Or let students approach you!

Company pitch

3 questions, 3 minutes! Show your USP as an employer with a concise video pitch that will be embedded in your company profile.


We will be holding an expert talk on the current job market and application-related topics. As an expert, you will be on stage with us.

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